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An Underdog's Tail

When you imagine a basketball playing dog, what comes to mind? An Australian Shepherd because they are fast? A Saint Bernard because of their size? Or the iconic Golden Retriever?

What about a Corgi?

Merriam Webster defines a Corgi as a short-legged, long-backed dog with foxy head. None of those words describes a future basketball PAW-digy, but Lilo Furry is ready to break down all barriers.

As basketball tryouts are just around the corner, Lilo Furry must decide whether she will be defined by how the world sees her or create her own story. Join Lilo on her journey to being the Most Valuable Puppy of all time.

An Underdog's Tail

  • Estimated Ship Date for Batch #1: December 11, 2022
    Early Easy Readers: Age 4-8
    Interest: Dogs, Basketball, Underdog Story, Japanese Artwork

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